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Other services we offer include:

> Tour Programmes (Religious Pilgrimage, Educational Tours etc)

> Airport Protocol Service

Domival Travels is a one-stop shop for the provision of all major travel services, with a guarantee of the best value for your money.


Visa Processing: We leverage on our wealth of experience in facilitating the application and processing of visas for our clients, giving us a reputation in the rate of successful visa procurements to most destinations of the world. This we are able to achieve by ensuring we sort the right document for each application, according to the specification by the embassy or consulate per time.

Though we recognize that it is the responsibility of the client to provide the necessary documentation, our value proposition however, is the fact that we don't just advise the right document specification, we provide intensive preparation/orientation sessions before interviews or submission of visa applications. This has been proven over time to provide an edge for our clients very significantly.


Tour Programmes: We are in business to promote work-life balance! We have researched that most employees and business owners in Nigeria do not plan ahead for their vacation, therefore fail to make the most of their trip. To this regard, we offer unique holiday plans for employees, senior executives and business owners.

We take the burden off our clients by professionally handling all challenges relating to packaging, organizing and coordinating tailor-made multi-activity tours in collaboration with our ground handlers at every destination. Our cardinal tour programmes include:

> Incentive Travel Program (for employees and partners of organizations) - Travel incentives are a reward subset of an incentive, recognition or a loyalty program, which is a business tool used to change behavior to improve profit, cash flow, employee engagement and customer engagement.

When an organization properly designs an incentive program, the return on investment can be of high-yield. Incentive travel investments yield a Return on Investment of more than $4:$1 and executives state that in order to achieve the same effect of incentive travel, an employee's total base compensation would need to be increased by 18.5%.

Our Incentive Travel programmes are designed for large organisations which aim at creating healthy competitive atmosphere amongst their employees or their distribution network for optimum productivity or sales.

We realize that every incentive, meeting and event is unique to the organization and that each program requires exclusive elements to make that program special.

Hence we work closely with your management to plan tailor-made trips to a catalogue of top-of-the-range destinations, each with its unique features, as far as travel satisfaction goes.

We assist the Personnel/Sales Management teams of organisation with designing custom Travel Incentive Programmes by way of destination selection, location management, visa processing, travel logistics, etc, in line with their peculiar policies and budget.

> Religious Pilgrimage

> Educational Tours

> Leisure Travels


Airport Protocol Service: It has been discovered that many travelers experience challenges when travelling in the aspects of boarding pass collection, check-in, baggage checks, Immigration passage etc. We provide VIP services to our clients who wish for them at a reasonable consideration.

> Classic check-in / meet and greet

> Executive check-in/meet and greet

> Home option

> Land transport/Airport transfers

How do we add value at the airport ?

(a) Check-in assistance & boarding pass issuance.

(b) Assistance with seat assignments.

(c) Luggage Assistance through customs.

(d) Re-booking of cancelled reservations/flights.

(e) Group Check-in.

(f) Constant Flight Monitoring for likely change in schedules.

(g) Access to Airline VIP Lounges.

(h) Personalized support on arrival, assistance through immigration and luggage pick up.